【Case Study】K&S Inform help Van Sun Enterprise Company to grasp the rapidly changing consumer needs

Van Sun Enterprise Company Limited, a 26-year old dealer of earphones, electronic accessories and mobile phones entering the area of online mall, infomercial and brick-and-mortar retailing, just like many other SMEs, has been trying to expand market share with agility and flexibility.

However, despite continued growth in sales performance, Van Sun decided in 2019 to leave behind the old system and introduced Microsoft Dynamics, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, making strides in digital transformation. The question is: why this, and why now?

Behind quick fulfillment of market needs, hidden risk of delayed response

“In response to the ever-changing consumer behavior, many enterprises were forced to take market challenges head-on. And so were we.” Assistant Manager Yi-Jun she pointed out that in addition to the existing channels and brick-and-mortar shops, Van Sun also started online shops in order to draw consumers closer. “As you can imagine, product costs and prices are changing 24 hours a day, and we also need to keep records of IMEI numbers and inventory of mobile phones. This is tremendous and complicated work for financial and management departments.”

In particular, system data from Van Sun’s e-commerce platform were independent from those of the brick-and-mortar shops. Manual data consolidation was required for the POS system and the online mall before sales numbers could be monitored, and it was thus hard to timely reflect inventory and stock replenishment requirements. This pain point has made Van Sun realize that “We need more accurate, automated and flexible ERP system for optimization of the entire internal process,” said she.

The original article and video were posted in Business Weekly website

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