PowerApps strings island of system

Have you ever had such experience?

Companies have multiple systems, but processes require data from different systems. Or the company’s foreign workers, such as business or maintenance engineers, every day outside, there is no time back to the company to fill out the application forms, need to use the mobile phone APP to make them efficient work. Or you need to change many of the data sheets currently managed on EXCEL to use app for more than one person to use

Enable everyone to build applications

Build applications with PowerApps to help everyone, from business analysts to professional developers, work together more efficiently. Solve business problems with intuitive visual effects tools that don’t require program code, use the platform faster for data consolidation and dissemination, and expand the platform with building blocks for professional developers. Easily build and share applications on any device.

Five-step to set-up PowerApps program quickly

With the help of more than 100 connectors built in PowerApps, you can go online to multiple data sources at the same time, including Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Dynamics 365 Salesforce… just click:

1. Start with the data

2. Pick a data source

3. Add online and select the profile

4. Select a data sheet

5.App starts auto-build

Build apps available on iOS and Android

Excel-like PowerApps Studio, set properties and use functions to design apps

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