K&S Complete Implementation Consulting Services

Complete import in sure Step’s project implementation, with the import process focusing on the consultant’s differential analysis based on customer processes and requirements interview results, and customer requirements through customer development.

The stages and work that the full import service focuses on are as follows:

  • Analysis phase: needs analysis, process validation
  • Design phase: difference analysis, prototype establishment
  • Development phase: customer development, test environment establishment

Demand analysis

  • Interviews on business process requirements:
    Interviews are conducted through the Interview Questionnaire to understand and document future business processes and functional requirements, and to collect the format of existing table reports.
  • Transcript for Writing and Confirming Needs Interviews:
    According to the conclusions of the business process requirements interview meeting, a "needs interview record" document is produced and signed by the participants as the basis for drawing up future operational processes.

Process confirmation

When the system is online, the future (To-Be) system function specifications and job flow charts are described.

  • The Future Job Flow (To-Be Flow) needs to be confirmed repeatedly by both parties, and the Future Work Flow (To-Be Flow) is to be adjusted.
  • The future job proposal is based on the confirmed Future Job Flow (To-Be Flow) and contains the steps and screens actually performed in the prototype system, which is the definition of the scope and function of the system on line by both parties, and is also the standard for acceptance by both parties.
  • Future work proposals need to be confirmed by both sides, the confirmation process, the original future work proposal should be adjusted to the content of the document.

Difference analysis

On the Future Job Flow chart (To-Be Flow), some jobs that are not available on existing Microsoft Dynamics systems must be developed, and these are called differences (Gaps), which are analyzed and compared to produce a guest list.

  • The custom list is a description of the functions and requirements of the system, and contains the various customization, the documents to be delivered by the consultant, and the estimate of the time required for development and testing, which needs to be confirmed by both parties, this document is defined by both parties to define the scope and function of the system customer development, It is also the standard process confirmation of the acceptance of the guest function by both parties.
  • The custom list needs to be confirmed by both sides, the confirmation process, it is necessary to adjust the original guest list of the content of the document.

Prototype establishment

With the confirmed Future Job Flow as a blueprint, the configuration is adjusted on the system and the transaction is tried out with the aim of establishing a tangible prototype system to serve as a basis for communication and confirmation between the parties.

Customization Development

For the guest project that requires functional design documentation to be provided in the guest list, and after the content is confirmed and signed by both parties, the development of the guest system can be carried out, the customer development steps are as follows:

  • Develop customization program
  • Unit testing of completed customer programs
  • Functional testing and acceptance of customer programs with seed personnel
  • Writing Technical Design Document

Test environment establishment

Prepare the master file data required by the user to test the environment and use it as the basis for the data to be launched later.

  • Prepare the test environment, as a customer program acceptance and user test ingress, and do a good job of setting up trading tests with the To-Be system before use.
  • The construction of the test environment, as far as possible, contains the existing data (manufacturer, customer, material), if there is data conversion (coding principle changes, deduplication) also need to be processed together at this time, in order to perform the user test.
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