Enhance your brand with Dynamics 365 Commerce (former Dynamics 365 Retail) to create a personalized, fluid shopping experience through all your physical storefronts and digital websites.

Combating retail challenges

  • Transform your customers’ buying habits into loyal buying customers through customer service.
  • Drive innovative service experiences and improve customer satisfaction with back-office data.
  • Integrate retail platforms, link digital websites, physical storefronts and head offices, and update the latest news to give customers a smoother and more comprehensive shopping experience.
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Simplify store operations

  • Manage employees, inventory, finance, and reports more easily with one program that tailors the inspection views needed for different roles
  • Speed up the process required to close your store with automated and smooth workflows
  • Quick and correct data needed to give employees a decision before making a decision
  • Improve cooperation with physical store sales staff, back office operations and finance teams
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Implement more strategic plans and on-the-shelf merchandise

  • At the right point in time, the right products are sold at the right price, the company’s profitability is expanded, and product information, categories, categories, and pricing are tracked more effectively.
  • Smoother procurement and replenishment processes allow you to purchase inventory from the right suppliers at the best price, monitor product demand in real time, and quickly replenish inventory in stores and distribution centers.
  • Match different channel sales and cost data to help determine the best and most effective marketing practices.
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Product supply chain optimization

  • Using systems to make smart decisions allows brick-and-mortar stores and distribution centers to make the best supply chain decisions at low cost.
  • Match real-time updated inspection views to improve inventory status to maintain demand at the most appropriate inventory levels, further improve sales and maximize profitability.
  • According to the historical record of procurement and sales integration, forecast customer demand, shorten the time to market to seize the market opportunities.
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