Suitable for industry: maintenance services / after-sales service


  • Customer service should quickly confirm the maintenance contract and past service status in a short period of time when the customer calls for repair, and confirm the date and dispatch manpower processing that can be serviced in real time, so as to avoid customer waiting for long hours.
  • Need to manage a large number of customers, different levels of maintenance warranty contracts, and timely remind customers to renew.
  • When there are many parts and spare management fees, you need to confirm the quantity of inventory at all times and maintain the safe inventory quantity.
  • The performance and cost of the service are difficult to grasp and require a lot of time to calculate.


  • Quickly confirm customer data and plan manpower
    customer service to quickly confirm the status of the warranty contract when the customer is called for repair, and at the same time confirm the date on which the repair personnel can be dispatched. If the customer has not registered warranty, customer service can also quickly establish a new customer data card real-time service customers.
  • Stock management
    Through the system to confirm parts, spares inventory, sluggish materials and other condition information, but also in accordance with the ABC classification to ensure the safety inventory water level and demand balance.
  • Service contract management
    You can manage the service level, amount, how to pay for each customer service contract and other information, and you can open a request form according to the service item.
  • Service Costing
    The cost and revenue of statistical maintenance are thrown directly into the accounting system, eliminating the need to rely on human processing. The resulting reports can also be linked to the report’s corresponding raw data through a layer-by-layer drill-by-layer drill down function, and drill down into the context of each data to improve the accuracy of business decisions.
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