Suitable for industry: warehousing, logistics


  • Whether it is warehouse cargo personnel, logistics drivers, administrative personnel, etc. need to connect the system in different locations, through different equipment and carrying devices
  • Warehouse materials, goods, warehouse management staff need to spend a lot of time to manage storage, looking for goods, resulting in long stocking time
  • Long inventory period, slow turnover, management needs to accurately grasp the inventory status
  • Scattered capacity and lack of effective integration of logistics information resources


  • Combined with handhelddevices to enhance operational efficiency
    can be accessed through different devices Dynamics ERP, whether it is a PC or mobile device can be used, such as cargo handling personnel can be combined with hand-held devices, in the first line of incoming, inventory, pick-up and other tasks, and with the system to plan the most efficient operating routes, greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse personnel.
  • Inventory Analysis Report
    Clear inventory analysis report, quick management, grasp inventory health status
  • Warehouse Analysis
    system calculates the size and weight of the goods to be stocked, finds the most suitable storage location, and displays the status of each storage location.
  • Transportation Services Management

    You can manage freight rates, set transportation routes, confirm assigned drivers, and more

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