Why K&S?

K&S Inform has rich experience and professional consultanting team, and certified by Microsoft. We have a lot of experience in manufacturing, trade, services and other industries of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) and other enterprise electronic solutions.

Project implementation approach based on years of experience

Based on Microsoft Sure Step, the project implementation is by an exclusive approach that is built on the experienced consultants by hundreds of projects. K&S Inform will help customers mitigate risk and keep the project on schedule.

Professional Implement and Customized Services

Complete Implementation Consulting Services

Complete implementation by implementation approach of Sure Steps, with focusing on gap analysis based on customer processes and requirements interview results, and through customized development to meet the needs of customers.

Standard Consulting Services

The standard project implementation with Sure Steps. The implementation is focusing on the gap analysis based on customer processes and requirements of interview results, and following Dynamics 365 Best Practice ( Best Job Model) for project implementation of system standard functions and modules.

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