A single, complete cloud ERP solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically consolidates systems and processes to centralize all financial, sales, service, and operational data to keep abreast of business trends.

Choose the right version (Essentials / Premium) suiting your needs.

Choose a basic or advanced version as needed, and the economy does not waste on authorized purchase methods

Version Module / Function Description



Financial Management General Ledger, Journal, Bank Management, Budget, Fixed Assets, Multi-Coin Settings, Group Consolidated Statements
Customer Relationship Management Customer Transaction records, opportunity management
Supply Chain Management Sales Order Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Purchase Order Management
Inventory Management Order Confirmation, Replenishment Forecast
Human Resources Staff, Payroll, Expense Management
Project Management Work schedule and schedule management, etc.
  • Manage quotation to withdrawal programs, all done within Outlook
  • Chart your operations in real time with your built-in Power BI dashboard
  • Free switching: multilingual, multi-company (organization), role center



(Includes all features of the Essentials version)

Service order management After-sales service management, price management, contract management, ticket processing, service personnel scheduling, etc.
Manufacturing Production orders, version management, agile manufacturing, capacity planning, demand forecasting, etc.

Choose the appropriate permissions according to your responsibilities (Full users / Team members)

You can choose Full Users or Team Users depending on the permissions required for different roles, such as reviewing, browsing reports, requiring billing, and more.

Cloud version, on-premise version, choose what you want

Everywhere you go, everywhere you can work.

Mobile phones, tablets, desks, iOS, Android full-device, full operating system support, look at reports, use the system, make decisions, no longer need to stay in office.

Increase productivity, opportunity tracking without missing

Customize the instrument and workflow and target the right opportunities from dashboards and multi-dimensional reports, and keep track of sales performance.

Cloud Business Intelligence Integration Platform

With Microsoft cloud family software integration, intelligent, integrated application platform, resources are easy to use, integration expansion without limits.

Partners support around the world, and no need to change the system when enterprise expansion

Microsoft global partners, to provide countries in the local support, multi-language, multi-currency, tax system, payroll, etc. , when the enterprise from small to large, from the local expansion to the world, do not have to change the system, with the local functional link, can be used directly.

Taiwan’s only Microsoft-certified module

Developed independently by K&S Inform, in line with Taiwan’s localization needs: Chinese Traditional version, unified invoice, electronic invoice, salary one case, one break, etc. in the local function:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Traditional Chinese Module

Taiwan Chinese Traditional module making it easy for users to use Dynamics 365 directly in a familiar Chinese Traditional interface environment.

Traditional Chinese Localiztion for Taiwan User

Dynamics 365 Business Central Traditional Chinese Module Demo Video

Government Uniform Invoice for Taiwan

The Taiwan Government Uniform Invoice module for Dynamics 365, combined with the purchase and sale process system and the domestic unified invoice tax provisions, assists enterprises to log in and open unified invoices in the purchase and sale deposit process, and outputs media filing files, greatly saving time for round-trip checking documents between business and accounting departments.

Input GUI invoice while create purchase order or sales order.

Government Uniform Invoice Demo Video

Payroll System for Taiwan

Purchase Requisition is a request sent internally within a company to obtain purchased items, services, and fixed asset.


K&S Purchase Requisition functionality provides users who fill out the document for their purchase request of the items, fix assets or expenses.


Assign the purchaser who be responsible for process the submitted requisition.

K&S Advanced Finance

Provide Financial Journal Management & Financial Report for Taiwan User Preferred.


Provide User-Friendly Interface (Document Format) for Financial Journals.


Provide Financial Report for Taiwan Accountant preferred.

Payroll System for Taiwan

Provide salary and holiday calculations, expand the functions of personnel attendance management and Taiwan labor and health insurance calculation. Accelerate and improvement of the approved operational efficiency of internal salaries for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Absences and vacations setting

Dynamics 365 Business Central Payroll System Demo Video

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