Azure, Microsoft Cloud Computing Aircraft Carrier

If aircraft carriers are the most important weapon system platform in war, then the cloud computing platform is the most important weapon system platform to carry the company and other competitors, information differentiation.

Many people don’t understand the difference between the Internet and cloud computing.

Does the company have a customer can connect through the network of e-commerce sites is the advantage of cloud computing? Where are the differences?

Cloud Computing Service

Simply put, cloud computing delivers servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analytics, and intelligent functions over the Internet (the “cloud”) to accelerate innovation, ensure resource flexibility, and achieve economies of scale. In general, you don’t need to buy your own hard equipment and build your own network platform, you pay for the cloud services you use, which helps reduce operating costs, execute your infrastructure more efficiently, and adjust as your business needs change. Microsoft’s cloud computing service platform is Azure.

Benefits of Azure Cloud Computing Services

Build your own hardware, network, software, database, application… What’s the difference between waiting and using Azure Cloud Computing Platform directly, isn’t it the same as the end result? This is also a lot of questions for many people, and here are the benefits of Azure Cloud Computing Services:

1. Cost reduction

Many people in the comparison of cloud services, often only calculate the purchase of hard equipment investment, compared to the seemingly self-purchase is a buy-out, there is no follow-up cost, and cloud computing services must always pay rent, it is not cost-effective. In fact, hard equipment is not only the cost of purchase, including annual maintenance costs, management’s salary costs, and a few years after the replacement of the cost of new, if the overall cost, the cost of cloud computing services is relatively low, and you only need to pay the time or usage you need to use, and the new Azure Reserved virtual machine instances (RI) can also reduce costs by up to 72.

2. Flexible expansion and flexibility adjustment

If you buy hardware to build your information system, such as the internal resource planning system, but the general company is usually low usage, high month-end checkout usage, please ask, at the beginning of the month you can use the memory and CPU back to the supplier to deduct the time you do not use? The answer is no, you can only leave excess hardware idle, but when you’re at the end of the month, when all users are complaining that the system is too slow, can you temporarily increase memory and CPU? The answer is no, you can only choose to buy or maintain, and with Azure Cloud Computing Services, you can adjust the level of memory and CPU, you can also resize your storage unit, you can fully expand and elastically to meet your business needs.

3. Higher level of security

It’s hard for small and medium-sized businesses in general to do high-security information protection because you have to buy a backup tape drive to make a basic daily backup, and you have to invest double the hardware cost, including two sets of hosts, two sets of storage equipment, two sets of network equipment, to have a single point of failure (No single single glitch) Point of the high fault-tolerant host to service your business system, and on the Azure Cloud Services platform, all are available, can be planned for their own needs, and paid for the portion of the use, if you are using Azure’s PaaS (platform as a service), microsoft already offers your 99.9 – 99.95 service availability service SLAs for the service rental you pay, so you can get a higher level of security than your self-built system.

4. The latest information app that can be used immediately

To date, Microsoft has provided more than 600 services on Azure, from basic virtual hosting and storage devices to machine learning and IoT IOT platforms, and this number continues to grow, with the average business spending time developing and cost-effective. Only rent-based use of these services, ready to enable services or stop services, pay by usage, not only reduce the cost of using the latest technology, but also accelerate the speed of applications, to achieve greater competitiveness. Plan your use according to your needs and pay for the portion you use, and if you’re using Azure’s PaaS (Platform as a Service), Microsoft already provides your 99.9 – 99.95 service availability service SLA for the service rental you pay. Allows you to get a higher level of security than your self-built system.

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