Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations reduces the cost and complexity of global operating architectures and protects your business information with Microsoft’s state-of-the-art data center technology.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is now divided into two applications, Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. See the contents of the Finance and Supply Chain Management pages for individual instructions.


  1. Multi-language: Provides dozens of language interfaces and reports around the world, in response to the use of different sub-groups and companies around the world.
  2. Localization: Supports localization to meet local accounting tax and legal requirements in nearly 40 countries around the world.
  3. Multi-company / intercompany transactions:
    1. In a single company that has been set up, an unlimited number of sub/subsidiaries can be set up, managed, and consolidated.
    2. Purchase orders and sales orders can be automatically reversed between group companies.
    3. When new items are released, you can choose a company that can be used, and the subsidiary does not have to repeat the number of materials to avoid heavy work.
    4. The head office can see the consolidated statements, as well as the statements of each sub/subsidiary.


  1. Centralized global financial management solutions built into powerful financial analytics that deliver instant messaging for decision makers drive margin growth.

  2. Supports multiple currencies and can be traded and displayed in any currency worldly.

  3. Full support for automatic exchange rate updates and currency revaluation processes.

  4. Through flexible, statutory chart of accounts, multi-dimensional analysis enables the Group to adapt to changing financial needs.

Exchange rates can be written to specific exchange rate types on a single or periodic basis through the Import Currency Exchange Rate function

After execution, exchange rate records are automatically generated in the exchange rate type

Foreign Currency Revaluation: Select the period of the transaction to be revalued and the date of evaluation of the exchange rate, select the currency to revalue, and filter the accounts for the assets to be revalued.

A preview of the foreign currency revaluation shows the amount of the original foreign currency transaction, the exchange rate, and the accounting amount of the original currency before and after the reassessment, and calculates the revaluation profit and loss amount.

After the foreign currency revaluation results are previewed, if the revaluation profit and loss amount is calculated correctly, you can post the foreign currency revaluation evaluation entry automatically and recognize the evaluation profit and loss.


  1. According to the planned production mode, including stock production, order production, according to configuration production, according to the design of production … and so on, optimize the manufacturing parameters of each series of products to avoid the waste of production resources.

  2. View resource status in real time to simplify scheduling with FO unique resource management and scheduling engine

  3. Mark and solve problems through real-time observation and intelligent forecasting to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

  4. Through logistics, production and warehouse management will be sales and procurement seamless, providing a 360-degree full view of the supply chain inspection.

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