Online Course: Superintuition management new magic weapon, the team does not have to learn to immediately manage the progress, process, people


There are many ways to manage a case and track the progress of the process, such as opening messages at the same time, Excel… Constantly switch windows to keep track of the latest work progress, file versions, discussions… However, there are always people in the team who are always missing the west, excuse a bunch.

The days of managing cases and tracking processes in ten ways to fight others to get the truth out, this lesson is to share with you the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform with Office 365, with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Flow, Help you use intuitive, automatic, effective methods, manage large and small projects, to handle the process of layer-by-layer sign-off:

  • Each project and process can be transformed into a group in a chat software, where everyone on the team can intuitively discuss, share files, and even hold online meetings
  • Assignment work, set deadlines, sign-off notifications can also be carried out in groups, and immediately notify each other, no one can pretend to sleep and wake up, the deadline to also automatically notify
  • Automatically round ingest sits into graphs to easily “see” the progress of projects and processes
  • No information left out, new work or messages, relevant personnel can be notified
  • You can also design automated workflow management, such as sign-off, leave, request…and so on.

On one Teams platform, you’ll be able to complete all project and process management actions, dramatically improve efficiency, recommend you to sign up for free classes immediately, and let expert instructors demonstrate the actual operation, with no more projects or sign-off processes to torture you.

課程時間:2019年12月26日(四) 14:00-15:00
適合對象:企業主管、IT 人員

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