K&S Simply Implementation Consulting Services

The standard sales and financial system is built in simply implementation services, with the import process focusing on the consultant following Dynamics 365 Best Practice and project import with system standard functions and modules.

Thin Import provides import services for a total of 80 hours only for Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud environments.

The stages that simply implementation services focuses on are as follows:

  • Pre-system preparation (8 hours)
  • Environmental construction (12 hours)
  • Set system flow (8 hours)
  • Coaching data file and data import (22 hours)
  • Standard Education Training and User Testing (30 hours)
    General ledger 4 hours, AP 4 hours, AR 4 hours, fixed capital 4 hours, unified invoice (GUI) 3 hours, procurement (PO) 4 hours, sales (SO) 4 hours, inventory (INV) 3 hours
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